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  • Chimera
  • Classico
  • Flightdeck
  • Capsule
  • Precious
  • U-42

Chimera Collection

The Chimera collection has an iconic case with a crown cap and pushers. It has a very clean, masculine appearance and fit perfectly with vintage culture.

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Classico Collection

The Classic collection is designed to not fade or die with passing fashion. They are made for strong personalities and feature a left-hand crown with crown guard.

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Flightdeck Collection

The Flightdeck Collection: Energy on a wrist! U-Boat timepieces are courageous, intrusive and oversized. These watches embody power and character and reveal the unique personality of the man behind the revival.

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Capsule Collection

The Capsule collection is an inspired by the designer, Italo’s fascination with depth gages of this time and the first undersea exploration modules.

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Precious Collection

U-Boat's Precious are some of the most exclusive and luxurious timepieces in the brand's collection. Enriched with precious stones set by hand by Italian craftsmen. The diamonds differ in size and some have been set backwards to give a spiked look.

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U-42 Collection

U-42 represents the first attempt ever by a watch creator to propose a new model with a historic design, but in which every piece has a bespoke finishing that is unique and highly individual to match its wearer.

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About U-Boat Watches

U-Boat was created by larger than life Italo Fontana in 2001, when he was inspired by drawings his Grandfather, Italo, had at the bequest of the Italian Navy for a Frogmen’s wrist watch. Italo has bestowed a unique style into his brand, that now garners respect throughout the world with collectors including many film, sports and rock stars. Taking inspiration from his Grandfather’s groundbreaking design, Italo is constantly looking to improve his products, resulting in the latest Capsoil timepieces with an oil filled case, giving a unique domed dial aesthetic. U-boat watches are designed to be tough, (many of which have tungsten bezels), easy to use (with the patented crown release mechanism), and individual (many of them in low number production with case side plaques). Dare to be different with a U-Boat timepiece.

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